Monday, December 13, 2010

A little rearranging and a new table

Well first off I found a new dining room table.   I have been wanting a farmhouse table forever and wanted this shape and it was only $50.00.   Can't bet that!!  I didn't take a before picture, but the legs were kind of buttery color.  I painted them white and plan on redoing the top.  I am thinking golden oak or walnut.  I am not sure what do you think?  I am  pretty sure it is solid wood too and it is super heavy.  I would love to get some different chairs someday.   Maybe even a different bench too.

Do you ever get a wild hair and start rearranging stuff late at night?  Well I did and changed up the wall behind my couch and I really liked the way it looks.  Something different for a change.  I got the old window at the thrift store for $2.  Hung the "W" from strip of fabric and I already had the plates.   When I rearrange things I like the house clean.  So I spent today cleaning my house.    

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  1. Love the farm table, and only $50? Wow definitely a score! Thanks for linking up, hope you can come back every Monday :).