Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Back!

Well I finally came off my crutches 2 weeks ago.  I go back in 2 more weeks and will come out of this boot and will have air cast for a little while.  I have been trying to get the house back in some sort of order.  The majority has been unpacked so I have got to rearrange and decorate the house.  We are really loving our new house...of course we really miss being close to family.   Everything is blooming so beautifully outside.  We have tons of rose bushes and they are gorgeous!   The people that lived here before us did a incredible job at landscaping.  I am not too good at that so that was definitely a plus!  We have wonderful neighbors that have made us feel so welcome.  I have tons of projects to do, so I will keep you updated on those.  I will give you a tour of our house in the upcoming posts.  My husband painted our living room and kitchen grey.  We are painting the foyer, the hall upstairs soon.  We are probably going to get scaffolding to foyer because the ceiling is so tall. 

We got new couch and love seat because our sectional would not fit in the living room.  I am really loving my fireplace!  I just don't love the gold on the insert.  That is a upcoming project.  I would really love something new to go under the TV.  My buffet got moved to the foyer and I really like it there.  This room still needs tweaking. 

The curtains definitely need to be hung higher, but for right now it will do. 

The living room and kitchen is open, so that works really well for us.  
 I will post more pictures of my kitchen because the batteries in my camera died.  I have tons to do and I can't wait show it all to you!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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