Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I never thought I would see this day!

I am finally under 150 pounds!  I weighed 149 this morning.  Last week when we were visiting family I was quite as strict eating and this week I think it really helped shredding more pounds. 

Some random things that motivate me daily are:
1.  My family
2.  I weigh myself daily.  I know this is a big no-no in dieting, but it motivates me tremendously! 
3.  Weighing cute workout clothes
4.  Looking at fitness magazines while on the bicycle
5.  Trying on a size or two smaller pants and watching them get looser.
6.  Pinterest!
7.  Knowing that I only have a couple of months before bikini season.

I am not very far from my goal and I said 140 was my goal weight.  I decided when I get to 140 I would see how I look and if I don't like the way I look I will loose another 5.  I really isn't about the numbers on the scale, but more how you feel and look.  Even at 149 I still don't feel like I am a healthy weight.  I have lots of back problems and the more weight I lose the better my back feels.  Same goes for my ankle injury.  

Lately I have noticed I can add in some new things to my diet without it affecting my weight loss. I have started eating Chobani yogurt everyday and eat overnight oatmeal every morning.  You can find the recipe here on Yummy Lifes blog.  This is so so good and taste like dessert to me!  Drink tons of water makes a  huge difference and I mean like a gallon a day.  Yep, that's a ton, but I feel so good when I drink that much.
I added in vegetables in at supper.  Like last night I had baked pork chop, roasted asparagus (YUM!!) , and a salad with light ranch.  While I also think bumping my mileage up to 10 miles a day is helping quite a bit too.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss, Beth! That's awesome :) I'm struggling along with Weight Watchers, myself, so I can totally appreciate how hard this is, but you are doing amazing!

  2. congrats!!!