Monday, November 15, 2010

Branches in a vase

I have seen this couple of times with branches from a tree in a pretty vase with ornaments and I love it.  I knew that I wanted to do that this year.  So I gathered several tree branches from my yard and these were really cool too!  I put them in my sorry of excuse mercury glass vase and added the balls with the clip-on bird.  I really liked how it turned out!

I started early decorating this year for Christmas because I really like enjoying it for as long as I can.  Here are some pictures of my dining room.  I made the "W" hanging in the window with garland.  I love turquoise and green!

I got the old carpenters toolbox at a thrift store for $5 and I love it! 


  1. Nice job with the decorating! I can't wait to get started...probably this weekend. Really love the tool box filled with ornaments, such a great idea!!

  2. Thank you! I love Christmas so much and I wished it lasted so much longer.

  3. Love that THRIFT STORE toolbox...also love your branches in a vase!!!


  4. LOOOOOVE it all! It looks so good. I will have to borrow some of your ideas- they are great!

  5. How did you do the "W"???

  6. The "W" is one of those gold letters at Hobby Lobby and they were hanging around the baskets in Oxford. Like my Joy letters. I just hot glued some branch garland from Walmart for $2. Hot glued a ribbon to the back. Hung it up with a Command hook. Total project about $7